Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.  The level of influence determines your ability to win people. Everyone can become a leader, from position level, to gain recognition, a sense of fulfillment, and to earn respect from others. Transformation is an ongoing process. If you have followed and mastered those leadership principles and values, and put into action, people will follow you. In this process of transforming yourself, but have also transformed others and made an impact positively.
Whether you are seeking ideas on how to develop your own capabilities or you are a manager looking for suggestions on how to coach and develop your team, you will find this can help. Included in this leadership competencies development has identified as being importance to success. Each competency provides practical suggestions and tips for developing your abilities and/or those of your team. The training includes the following key components: Competency, Behaviour and Development Suggestion.

Transformational Leadership Program

Leadership Development Experience (3 days)
Leadership Competencies are the knowledge, skills, abilities and behaviours that are most important to do our jobs well. We have identified 10 Leadership Competencies. Together, employees and supervisors select the critical few on which to focus for success. This set of Competencies is a tool to facilitate discussions about performance and development.
The Competencies provide an opportunity for all employees to develop leadership skills and to be empowered to develop themselves, coach others and collectively create a shared culture.
Strong leadership is critical in achieving success. Leadership Competencies give us a common language to discuss leadership at all levels.
The Leadership Competencies will be integrated into various people-related processes, such as goal setting, performance and development discussions, recruitment, leadership and career development, and training



Takes ownership of actions and follows through on commitments.


Responds resourcefully, flexibly and positively when faced with challenges and demands
CourageDeals willingly with important problems and stands up for what is right.
DecisionMakingGenerates effective solutions based on available information and makes timely decisions.
InfluencePositions and explain ideas that motives others to actions.
PlanningDevelops realistic plans needed to accomplish objectives and team goals.
Results OrientationDemonstrates a strong commitment to delivering results while maintaining a safe environment.
SafetyActively communicates and takes time to safe perform work to protect our people and environment.

Building Relationships

Builds positive relationships across organizations that foster a strong work environment.


Actively seeks out diverse people and organizaitons to collectively achieve business goals.

Effective Communication

Transmits information so it is received and understood in the way it was intended.
EmpowermentDelegates authority responsibly so others can creatively solve problems without fear.
Engage and InspireMotivates and inspires people to achieve their best and to pursue goals that enable success.
Establishing TrustConsistently demonstrates high integrity, behaves ethically, and follows through on commitments.
Selecting TalentIdentifies and selects teams with diverse capabilities and talents to reach objectives.
Talent DevelopmentMentor, coaches and develops others to bring out their full potential.


Analyzes issues and understands their business impact.

Continuous Improvement

Constantly searches for and implements new ways of doing business better.
ExecutionManages tasks to effectively and efficiently complete work, responsibilities of self and others.
Financial/Quantitative AcumenUnderstands how key financial and quantitative indicators impact business.
Focus on StakeholdersUnderstands and anticipates needs of clients and stakeholders.
Global PerspectiveUnderstands global trends and ho they impact business.
InnovationEncourages new ways of looking at problems, processes or solutions.
Strategic Thinking

Takes a holistic, end to-end perspective to make better decisions.

Understands and anticipates how daily actions impact and shape the future.

Leadership Attitude & Values Overview
Takes Accountability——
• Take ownership of actions and follow through on commitments by courageously dealing with important problems, holding others accountable and standing up for what is right
• Takes Accountability development guide
• Develop realistic plans needed to accomplish objectives and team goals
• Drive Performance development guide
Drives Performance
Makes Decisions——
• Generates effective solutions based on available information and makes timely decisions that are safe and ethic
• Make Decisions development guide
• Listens actively and invites dialogue to gain shared understanding, then influences and acts to drive performance and achieve business results
• communicates Effectively development guide
• Builds strong relationships based on trust and seeks opportunities to collaborates across the matrix/organisational boundaries to achieve business goals.
• Partners Collaboratively development guide
Builds Talent
and Teams
• Takes an active role in acquiring, developing and retaining a high-performing, highly engaged team.
• Builds Talent and Teams development guide
• Analyzes stakeholder needs, global, political, and market trends to understand how they shape the future and impact our business results
• Think Strategically development guide
Understands how key financial and quantitative indicators impact the business.
Leads Changes——
• Drives thoughtful and pragmatic change by encouraging innovative thinking and continuous improvement. Models adaptability by responding resourcefully, flexibly, and positively when aced with new challenges and demands.
• Leads Change development guide
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