Female Youth Leadership Bootcamp 
Female Youth Leadership Bootcamp

We equip young women with the skills to exercise the power of their voice.

FYLB is designed for females aged 18 to 28 who are looking to develop both their leadership and personal development skill in their study/work, association and/or the wider community. The FYLB provides the opportunity to network with industry leaders and develop a personal network with other young females going through the same or similar experience. It is an exciting leadership development program tailored specifically for young women who are leaders within their universities club and organisations. With the combination of leadership and personal development in an intensive 2 day bootcamp and a volunteer component, it is a must for all young female leaders.

Female Youth Leadership Bootcamp Aims and Outcomes

Develop young females as leaders of the future; Network with other and future female leaders;

Identify career pathways in a volunteering and/or professional capacity;

Develop personal and professional skills and knowledge in leadership;

Identify a range of leadership and goal setting resources for future career development;

Identify yourself as a leader and member of your local association.

Following the 2-day bootcamp, it is expected that participants will be actively involved in their club/association operations or with CNEW Women Equipping Center through the volunteer component.

Day 1

Session 1 Key Factors for Youth Female Leadership

Resolving Conflict

Find Her Voice

Value & Character Building

Life skills


In this session participants will be required to work in small groups to complete a series of problem solving tasks – this will require them to utilise the knowledge from the previous leadership sessions.

Day 2

Session 1 Public Speaking and Presenting

Participants will be invited to put lessons into action, through stepping out of their comfort zones and presenting a session to peers.

Session 2 MEGA CHALLENGE & DISC Profiles Practice

Help people to understand what type of a team player they are and how they can use their personality type effectively contribute to a team


1) Looking at the impact and importance of personal branding with particular emphasis on Social Media

2) PUBLIC SPEAKING Participants will be introduced to the basic skills of public speaking and prepare a speech/presentation to be delivered on Day 2.

3) PIVOT PERFORMANCE Creating your own brand and determining what style/type of leader you want to be.

Full attendance for the duration of the program.

Attend the Graduation Ceremony after the completion of the bootcamp.

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