Leadership Development for Women 
Leadership Development for Women


Enhance your leadership abilities with this hands-on training seminar. Designed for women looking to advance their careers in today’s workforce.

Despite years of advances in both legal and corporate policy, many qualified women don’t get the jobs they want. Misperceptions, stereotypes, and misplaced emotions on the part of either sex can still sabotage a woman’s career hopes—unless she takes a more strategic approach to her career. This hands-on leadership course shows women how to strategically use your strengths and abilities—your competitive edge—while mastering your emotions in even the most unwelcoming atmosphere. You’ll learn how to build a network of support, take smart risks and view competition in a more positive light. Discover how to conduct yourself in a manner that earns you respect, and pursue your goals with positive energy. Return to your job feeling confident, ready to compete fearlessly, and in a better position to be recognized for your true capabilities.

How You Will Benefit

* Overcome overt and hidden biases against women as leaders

* Adopt a competitive mindset that leverages your strengths as a woman

* Build a wide and strategic network of key stakeholders who will promote your career

* Avoid taking a perfectionist approach to competitive and challenging situations

* Recover from losses quickly by learning to take things less personally

* Learn to deal with hypercompetitive colleagues with whom you have low trust

What You Will Cover

* Becoming a more confident, assertive woman in a competitive, male-dominated world

* Getting out of your comfort zone and developing a more resilient mindset

* Gaining a competitive advantage by taking smart career risks

* Initiating and forming friendly competitor and challenger relationships

* Expanding your strategic network in a virtual world

* Learning how to collaborate with people you don’t like

Who Should Attend

Female business professionals who are looking to move forward in their organizations by developing the best possible leadership style to fit the positions they want.

Learning Objectives

· Lead Confidently By Adapting a Collaborative Competition Mindset

· Increase Your Competitive Advantage By Learning to Take Smart Risks

· Build a Strategic Network to Advance Your Career

Developing a Collaborative Competition Mindset

· Distinguish Between Male and Female Views of Competition

· Explain How Perfectionism Inhibits Competition

· Describe How Feminine Qualities Can Be an Asset in Leadership

· Describe a Collaborative Competition Mindset

Define Smart Risk Taking

· Describe Why Smart Career Risk Taking Is Critical for the Success of Women

· Explain the Importance of Having a Resilient Mindset

· Describe the Four Performance Zones: Blah, Comfort, Stretch, and Yikes

· Explain the Purpose for Getting Comfortable in the Stretch Zone

· Identify a Practical Approach to Taking Smart Risks

Building a Strong Strategic Network

· Identify Your Interpersonal Effectiveness Profile

· Draft an Action Plan to Develop Your Ideal Leadership Network

Collaborating with Hypercompetitive Colleagues

· Distinguish Between Different Types of Hypercompetitive Colleagues

· Explain the Benefits to Having Jerks or Those with Low Trust in Your

Network, and Strategies and Tactics for Handling Them

· Describe Strategies and Tactics for Dealing with Saboteurs

Building Relationships with Pacing Partners

· Define the Four Levels of Pacing Partners

· Describe How to Form Friendly Competitors and Challengers and Overcome

Common Pitfalls

· Build Pacing Partner Relationships Virtually

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